Texas (Patience)

Daniel Swearingen

Friend-like in summer, stark winter, even spring, there’s fall that is brown like, that’s when our laughter sings. She says that there’s gossip that puts us down in hell, I wish to tell her, about my special spells. Oh Texas, I’m falling, and then you pick me up, a better friend to me, in patience here I’m stuck, sometimes I can’t see.  You say, “its how we came to be”.

We met in the end of days, Texas and I, she a woman, I a man. She says, “You’re such a patient fellow, when you speak, I don’t know whether to laugh or not breathe”. “A wonder, beyond span she says, something brilliant on my imaginary shelf, something childlike, and patient, something quiet grand”. “Oh Texas, you’re funny, quiet comic, beyond beautiful, somewhat of a friend, that I could never take back”. “Danielson, your dangerous, a heartbeat, that makes some…

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