Waiting For The Train

Dr. Stein's Photographic Establishment

Northcliffe001Actually, I think waiting for the train at our local railway station would be a darn sight more productive right now -the state government has added another 6-car B-class suburban train to the network. I’ve no confidence that it will pull up in time in front of me – and empty enough to get aboard –  to allow me to take the train and bus to work as before, but I am pleased to see it nevertheless.

” More productive than what? ” – I hear you ask…more productive than waiting for the camera manufacturers to deliver on their promises of new gear. I could name at least half a dozen ” iconic groundbreaking major game changing technological revolutions ” that were trotted out by the various representatives so that we could prepare the quivering public but the bottom line seems to be that they are going to be quivering…

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