Travelers Dream

Nomadic Tales

Have you ever had a dream where you get up and realize it felt very real? I have those dreams all the time. The lingering effect stays very long and sometimes sets my mood for the day.

I am a very strong dreamer. My dreams mean a lot to me. I often read too much in to my dreams trying to understand what underlying message they convey.

As a traveler I dream a lot about places. Far off places that I can visit and encounter unusual experiences. One such dream was the dream to come live far away from home. Fly thousand miles across from my home and live in a city that is strange but welcoming. Experience culture differences, survive the ice-cold weather and start a life from scratch in this unknown city.

I remember I did not dream about this city while sleeping, rather it was day dreaming…

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One thought on “Travelers Dream

  1. Yes I truly do have dreams that are real at all levels. I wish I could go into talking about my dreams more but they really play a major role at times with all that goes on our lives. Connections from many things to people and things that could be. Yes our dreams are such an important thing to all of us.

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