A Mother’s Love

The Fellowship of The King


The outside world is cruel and hard;

To us the strangers’ doors are barred.

But in this stable, small and cold,

I’ve seen this miracle unfold.

I gaze upon your peaceful face

Radiating heavenly grace.

I know You’re not just any child;

Your innocence is undefiled.

We’ve longed for you in ages past;

Can it be true You’ve come at last?

I wonder still how this can be?

Why have you selected me?

You’re here to save all humankind—

A task that’s quite beyond my mind.

What will Your earthly future bring?

What suffering and painful sting?

I can’t but tremble at my fear,

Caress Your cheek and hold you near.

My human heart feels all to frail;

The future’s hidden by a veil.

And yet—that doesn’t matter now.

My strength I know You will endow.

You are the Father’s only Son;

The victory’s…

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