His Spirit will bubble forth

Nursing Home Inspirations

Last Thanksgiving my Mom was in the hospital for 7 days. The rest of the “holiday season” I was very depressed. I ran around making and delivering all kinds of gifts, but wasn’t feeling any joy from my giving. I even felt that God was mad at me and didn’t want me to have a joyous Christmastide. Of course, He wasn’t and doesn’t operate that way, it was just the way I was perceiving my situation.

This past summer our Pastor gave an outstanding sermon called “When God Feels Distant”. It gave me an arsenal of scripture to fall back on the next time I felt God was mad at me.

Here are some scriptures from my Pastor’s sermon you can look up:
Job 23:8-10 and 1:21
Isaiah 8:11-17
When David thought God was distant:
Psalm 22:1
Psalm 43:2
Psalm 10:1
I am happy to report that this Christmas I…

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