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The Greek word for salvation is sozo, which means making one whole and complete- spiritually, mentally, and physically.  The Spirit of God comes to live inside of us to deliver, save, preserve, heal, give us life, and make us whole.  God is both the Savior and the Healer of His people.  Both sin and sickness came into the world through the fall of the human race.  Therefore, we must look for the healing of both in the Savior of the human race.  Sickness is no more natural than sin.  God made all things “very good (Genesis 1:31).”  Therefore, we should not look for the remedy of sin or sickness in the natural, but from God Who created us happy, strong, healthy, and to fellowship with Him.

God made a covenant of healing with His children in Exodus 15:26, 23:25, and always, when their sins were forgiven, their sicknesses…

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