Why Resentment Is Not Your Friend

Broken Masterpiece

Take a second and think back on the one time you’ve felt the ultimate betrayal. I mean the one time you felt something shatter inside. That type of pain you’ve found yourself living with.
Don’t worry, I too completed the proposed task. And yes, I too can remember.
Now…what do you remember most about that agonizing pain? What I remember most, is having questions and never getting the answers. Naturally, being betrayed will trigger anger. Of course, other emotions are to follow. While anger is certainly a warranted emotion, if not handled carefully, it quickly turns into resentment.
What is resentment? In short, resentment is buried anger towards someone you believe has wronged you. Take notice to the word buried. Meaning this; resentment does not sit on the surface waving, “hey it’s me resentment, I act this way because I hate you”! Nope it doesn’t happen that way. Resentment…

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