Taking the Time To Be In the Moment – Here & Now

Words For The Pages of Time

In such a fast paced society, it is often difficult or even rare in many cases to find time to be in the moment.  As we all lead busy lives, we must acknowledge that there are times that we need to do as the old adage says and that is to “stop and smell the roses”.  By taking a moment to recognize what it is that surrounds you, you are then able to breathe and relax in the midst of all that life offers.

Even as it relates to technology, there must be a point in time when we power off our devices and learn to discover the rawness that life still presents to us.  Technology has its advantages which includes convenience, the ability to entertain oneself, and the instant retrieval of news and other occurrences that are pertinent to our knowledge.  However, it seems that technology in many ways…

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