Smile…Your on…..Great feeling when you do!!

We all can smile You do not melt if you actually do it…does not cost any money. You do not have to put money into someone like a meter or something else along the way. I think anyways …Smiling makes you feel good and on the other end make them feel some kind of ..”he or she like me. I am doing something right or its ok. Its not a weakness in anyway possible or form. Its not easy for all of us to do. In some cases smiling is like to some putting there feet on hot Coles. But for some its one of the greatest feelings on earth. So take a minute when next time someone smiles at you…think how lucky you are. That person is saying through an expression you are ok in his or her book. But on the other hand if you smile and there is nothing..well think about waiting if they smile first.


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