Day One: Off the Beaten Path Small Town Back Road Trip

Allison's Wanderland

apal IMG_9892

It started early. Like 10 minutes away from our front door early.

“Which way are you going?” Him.

“The way I always go.” Me.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. This is how we just went  to Micanopy. This is how I always go to the ashram. Same way.”

“No, I think we went 426.”

“No, we took 426 to the beach.”

“Are you sure?”

And so it goes.

We are trying to be like the wind. But we also have a plan. Sort of. There are suggested towns to travel through, potential places to stop to rest and a point at which we are planning to be in Pennsylvania to stay with one of my cousins that will keep us on track. Maybe.

alachua iphoneWe stop in Alachua to eat lunch. Slightly sleepy and oh so quaint. I’ve been before, and I loved it so I’m happy to be back.

We slip…

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