We all should take a minute and say…Thanks!

The reason my title is because recently a friend of mind was to have found out she has ALS. A terrible disease that destroys many things we take for granted. We wake up in the morning we role over and we sometimes say “good Morning” to anyone we may see. We go down to the kitchen and get a simple thing such as a glass of juice or eat breakfast. We walk down to the kitchen and do not need anyone to help us. We complain about what happen yesterday and it could be as simple as it was hot yesterday but if we had this terrible disease we would look upon complaining as the little things not as important at all.

Anyways we should take every day to give thanks for that we have a new day to look upon that we are not sick and we are able to live our lives in the fullest way possible. Enjoy every day as if is your last one..Love life! The three T’s….Thank you for a new day, Thank you for giving me this gift, Thank you for being able to enjoying all that has been given to me in life!!


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