Special One

Chronic Conditions & Life Lessons

There you are sleepy almond eyes of greenish-blue

Fluttering chocolate lashes so long finally peeking up at me

Yes, I’m your Mama with a captured heart that’s already whisked away

Cozy now, swaddled in a warming blanket of softest touch

Underneath I’ve counted them, 1 to 10 on each fragile foot and chubby fist

Doctor, don’t you see the ‘perfect’ cradled babe within my weary arms?

Brushing such an angel face of pinkest warm next to mine

Glimpsing damp silkiness sneaking under striped cap of knit

Watching my precious newborn’s chest rising up and down

So shallow to my ear I’m bending near

To catch the spittle of the next hush-a-bye breath

Do you hear my own heart beating, brimming overwhelming love?

Like a waterfall rushing over mountain rocks…..surging solid strength

Rolling new of word on silent tongue…Mother, Madre, Mama… that’s me!

Oh, the sound so lyrical to my head ears are dancing…

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4 thoughts on “Special One

  1. My heartfelt thanks for Reblogging this post. Inspired by a dear neighbor of mine, truly a wonderful mother to a loving child living with Downs Syndrome. Such “Special Ones” indeed. Loving life with no questions asked.

    1. You are truly welcome..I sent my life being around children living with Downs Syndrome. They are the special ones and have made my life better because of it…Your very welcome on the Reblogging…have a great wk..

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