Simple and Refreshing – Iced Herbal Tea with Fruit and Mint

Backyard Owl

easy herbal iced tea

I love mason jars. Anything stored in a mason jar just seems so much more special – beans, lentils, soup, chocolate chips, compost tea, whatever. A mason jar makes its contents look homey, rustic, quaint, and beautiful. So when I was thinking about making iced tea the other day, the only vessel I considered was, of course, the humble mason jar.

This iced tea isn’t called simple for nothing. You basically throw all of the stuff in the mason jar and that’s it. And I know a lot of people talk about sun tea. I think this could more appropriately be called a ‘counter tea’ or a ‘fridge tea’. You are more than welcome to stick it outside to warm in the sun, but you are equally welcome to just put it anywhere – it works just as well.

I’ve flavoured my iced tea with mint leaves (from my plant on…

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