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An opportunity to learn and be good in what you do – Copywriting for SEA with Tim Tucker in Singapore. How to write effectively for online media – At the “Copywriting and SEO” workshop with Tim Tucker in Singapore.

This is the third of my three-part post on “Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Online Copywriting”, a workshop I took with Tim Tucker at the Book Council Singapore in April 2014.

Here are some more pointers:

• Link building is online public relations.

Attract links, by doing things such as publishing authoritative research. Don’t forget to maximise internal linking.

• Make your website mobile friendly.

Have a website that adapts to the various formats of different devices. So that the content is easier to read.

An advice on timing. An advice on timing. But 6am-7am?

• Brands are building their own channels on social media

Trend:  Interruption marketing is shifting to content marketing. Brands become publishers. They build their own channels, not just buying advertising space as they used to do. Copywriters to pay attention…

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