Chrysanthemum Tea for Hot Summer Days

Conversations And Tea

It flows like a warm saffron breeze, one that is nevertheless cooling on a balmy day. Light, with the scent of floral meadows, chrysanthemum tea is not your usual tea. A traditional “cooling tea” that was introduced to me by my Chinese friends, it quickly became a favorite. And now, no other tea will quite suffice on those summer days that bear down like an unwelcome heat blanket.


It brews a golden or sometimes greenish-golden color, and the flowers float delicately in the water, coloring it and providing the gentle, soothing aroma that is almost a memory of scent. The flavor is likewise delicate, and one experiences more of it on an exhale than on the first breath of brew.

What’s fascinating about the brew, however, is the smooth cooling sensation as it works its way over one’s palate and glides gently down one’s throat. I do not understand the…

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