Storm Survivor: I hope people are stronger because of what they’ve been through

OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s been one year since the tornado tore through Shawnee, killing two and injuring many others.

Back then, NewsChannel Four met a couple on their way home from Lake Eufaula. They ended up trapped in the middle of the twister.

They caught video of it all on their cell phone. You can hear Suzan Whaley screaming as the EF-Four tornado sends her and her husband’s SUV tumbling off an overpass.

“I remember seeing the guard rail coming at me, and I passed out,” said Mrs. Whaley.

Then, the video shows debris and silence Mrs. Whaley’s phone records the moments she doesn’t remember for 25 minutes.

She woke to mangled semis and her husband, Geary, battered right beside them.

“I just kept screaming his name at him saying, ‘Wake up! Wake up!’,” said Mrs. Whaley.

Mr. Whaley made it to the hospital.

“The last thing I remember when it…

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