El Dorado Nature Center (1)

SueBee and Kat

While growing weary of packing boxes for an upcoming move, I decided fresh air was in order. Following a recent recommendation of my oldest daughter, Angelika, I drove to the El Dorado Nature Center, just off the 605 freeway in Long Beach. El Dorado Nature Center 1 (1)My visit there was just what the doctor (me) ordered! It’s impossible to imagine this gorgeous nature park is next to a major freeway. Any sound of traffic was well hidden by lush growth. There are multiple nature trails, one semi-paved, 1/4 mile in length, and others ranging from one to two miles each. The variety of plant life and trees is extensive, there are lakes, streams, birds, water turtles, benches to rest and relax, a nature center with gift shop, classes offered… it’s fabulous!

Painting at Nature Center building Painting at Nature Center building

Angelika is shocked that, having lived in Long Beach since college, she never knew this place existed…

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