Day 32: One month anniversary.

Exploration 365

Today marks one month since I embarked on Project 365. 30 days down—335 days and a million miles of space left to explore.

One month ago, I made a commitment to myself to write something every single day of this year, then to post it on the Internet for the world to see. I thought that for some reason, making myself vulnerable would open up this closed, secretive heart of mine, and help me feel… liberated.

I am naturally quite a secretive person. I don’t like revealing parts of my life that are not obvious because why would people care? “Girls nights” make me uncomfortable since it entails looking people in the eyes and sharing details of my love life. The concept of venting kind of scares me because I worry about boring others with petty anxieties that don’t concern them. Even from the people I consider my best friends…

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