2014: More than just a toned tush!

Mastering Joy ...

This weekend I went to church with a new friend. It was different from the church I call home and at first I felt uneasy. I couldn’t find my voice to sing the songs, I couldn’t anticipate the order of the service and with all the people watching I wasn’t sure I would even get anything out of the message. It reminded me of the few Christmases we spent at our grandparents and how I would worry that Santa wouldn’t know where to find me. Would God find me here or would it just be something I could cross off my list (went to church today-check!)?

But by the end of the service I was singing the songs, smiling and feeling rather silly. Because OF COURSE He found me. How could I doubt it? He is everywhere and true to form addressed the unease that had been stirring around in…

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