Industrial Photography “ The blue collar workers”

Shooting Phase One

Industrial Photography  “ The Blue collar workers”

Recently a friend of mine asked me to shoot pictures in a textile factory, depicting the process of textile production.  The textile industry was since the Middle Ages the cornerstone of the Flemish industry and has always been very labor intense.  The last decennia, taxation on labor became extremely high.  In order to survive, many factories relocated to third world countries, where taxes and wages are exceptionally low.   Never the less, the hard core stayed and is now specialized in high tech textiles.  One of those factories is “UTEXbel”.

Shooting pictures in a working factory is a very difficult task, more so since I had no control over the light, movements and poses.   It is kind of shooting with what you have, while been alert to potential danger zones.  I insisted to do “my thing” in total freedom. Yes , I could take…

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