The War on Christmas is no fair fight

Drinking Tips for Teens

Conservatives like to convince the easily convinced that there’s a war on Christmas, as if Christmas were some kind of quaint old-fashioned notion under threat of extinction, like quilting or personal privacy. But Christmas is huge. Christmas is the global superpower of holidays. In the supposed war on Christmas, Christmas has all the military advantage: a vast propaganda machine across government, media and the military-industrial-tinsel complex; covert “Secret Santa” operations; the winning of hearts and minds with cookies; and the psychological warfare of bright lights and Mariah Carey.

That there could be some kind of war on Christmas is unthinkable. A border skirmish on Christmas, maybe; a UN sanction on Christmas, tops.

What’s happened over the years, though, is that those who don’t celebrate Christmas have become more vocal in their demands to be included in what you have to admit is a pretty awesome time of year. And…

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