Morning Frost


The weeks are wheeling by and I can hardly believe December is almost upon us.  It’s winter now, there’s no denying it, but Scotland does do winter well.  Coffees steam in the crisp air and commuters cling to their warmest knits as the low sun dances through the trees.  Skies, clear and blue by day meld into ripples of rose and amber by evening.  And of course, Edinburgh is looking splendid dressed up in all her festive finery.

Sadly, as a student, my coffee is left to steam in the crisp morning air of my flat, and it was as I was enjoying the first of many cups of instant this morning that I made a most happy discovery.  I was admiring a new mug, adorned with all manner of creatures, wrapped up in their winter woollies.  I couldn’t find a brand name, but the inside of the mug read…

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