The Reflections of Unseen Clouds: Trying to Get the Picture Right (Weekly Photo Challenge: Light)

The San Francisco Scene--Seen!

Good Morning:

This represents the latest in a series of posts devoted to my fumbling bumbling stumbling tumbling experiments in trying to edit flawed but potentially decent photographs. I observed a beautiful phenomenon when walking past the Nema Apartments (NEw MArket?) construction project and took a pair of shots from different locations in an effort to record it. First, the unedited raw material.


I should start by pointing out that the upper picture demonstrates a flaw that I like (!) in my Nikon S9100 point-and-shoot. See how the buildings on the left and right edges “lean” into the picture? That distortion is a weakness in the camera, but sometimes I rather appreciate the results.

Both shots have different lighting problems: the first is too dark; the second is too light. This won’t constitute the last I post where I write this, but exterior photography San Francisco presents a lot of…

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