Five Eco-Friendly Vacations In The U.S.

CBS Baltimore

The last thing we want to be thinking about on vacation is whether or not we’re harming the earth. Luckily, there are a few getaway destinations that alleviate this concern by providing eco-friendly accommodations and activities. With these pristine vacation spots scattered throughout the U.S., no matter where you’re coming from, you have the option of visiting one nearby to even limit your carbon emissions caused during travel. 

Disney Cruise
Galveston, TX, Miami, FL, Port Canaveral, FL & San Diego, CA
(800) 951-3532

Fun for the whole family, the Disney Cruise can be a great vacation, and it’s eco-friendly. Disney Cruise lines recycle their used cooking oil to power machinery and they apply a non-toxic type of coating to the hulls of their ships to help the boats travel through the water more efficiently and reduce drag. Disney Cruise lines also have a donation program that allows guest to…

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