4 Reasons Tim Taylor Would Make the Perfect Mafia Hitman


4.)He’s mastered the art of turning seemingly innocuous power tools into deadly weapons

The difference between being a plain old murderer and being a hitman is the art of subtlety. Pros don’t just go around knifing people every chance they get; they stage it. An exposed electric wire. A misplaced bowling ball. A grizzly bear in the garbage disposal…making things looks like an accident is one of the most important parts of the job and it’s something few people can pull off well.

In case you’re not familiar with Tim Taylor, his whole shtick is basically almost-but-not-really killing people (and himself), which he usually pulls off through a number of elaborate tool accidents. Granted, most of those accidents are real accidents, I’d imagine it wouldn’t be that difficult to hone that skill into something a bit more deadly.

He also has the odd tenacity to survive most of his self-inflicted…

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