Lily Allen Objectifies Black Women To Make A Point About Objectifying Women


Lili Allen, "Hard Out Here"

British pop singer Lily Allen has proven once again that solidarity is for White women by positioning Black female bodies as hypersexualized props in the video for her new feminist anthem, “Hard Out Here.”

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The video is allegedly a satire skewering the sexism and misogyny — both internalized and institutionalized — that infests Hip-Hop culture and the entertainment industry at-large. Champagne bottles? Check. Dark-skinned thickness? Check. Weaves? Check. Ass slapping, tongue licking and car straddling? Check, check and check. Allen, apparently blinded by her own Whiteness, claims “race has nothing to do with it at all.” But colorism and racism are on full display as Black women in thongs bounce, twerk and wobble with it around her.

Though some (primarily White women) may see this obvious manifestation of privilege as an empowering mantra, it is nothing short of racist, hypocritical objectification…

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